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in the garden

you just reach out and the snacks are ready for tasting. well ok, maybe you need to gently shake a little ant off a tomato or wipe it into your trousers. but then, the table is set.


is tomato a fruit or a veggie though? little reader will discover which alongside hanka, who visits a garden in the book, tasting and gradually learning about everything that grows there.

thanks to our collaboration with egreš who has published the colourful in the garden book, we like this topic even better. let's take a look at the fruits of our joined effort.

cheerful, slightly bananas prints were created by polish illustrator susie hammer. they are so juicy, you want to take a bite right away! t-shirts and dresses with rows of veggies, sweatshirts with green pea print...yay, and nearly everything made of organic cotton!


nearly everything made of
organic cotton!

gardens can be pretty vibrant, so this time we have ventured into bolder hues and daring pattern combinations to mirror bright-coloured baskets

full of fresh produce or the season's offerings at the market.

especially for this collection we have added super tasty trio of tights colours - their beetroot, raspberry and pea green shades match quite nicely with it. yet we haven't omitted earthy tones either, for the colourful splendour grows right out of brown earth!

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